Pretrial Supervision

All defendants on pretrial supervision are restricted from traveling outside the supervision district, unless it is otherwise outlined in the bond order and/or approved by the Court.

To request travel outside the district of supervision:

You are required to file a motion through your attorney requesting permission to travel.
You are to provide the probation officer with a copy of the motion outlining your travel itinerary.
If the court approves the motion for travel, a signed order will be executed by the court.

Post Conviction Supervision

You shall not leave the judicial district without permission of the Probation Officer and/or the Court.

Advance approval from the Court must be requested for international travel (which includes travel beyond the three nautical mile limits) and vacation travel outside the district for more than 30 days. For international travel, offenders must make their request no less than six (6) weeks in advance. Please note, there are additional steps required when traveling to foreign countries such as permission from that country etc. For domestic travel, offenders must make their request at least two (2) weeks in advance. Please note, there may be some limitations placed by other states as to travel. (Check with your probation officer on state limitations) Offenders may not leave the Southern District of Florida (highlighted in red on the map below) without permission of the Court and/or probation officer. Any travel outside the district requires advance written permission. No travel will be allowed during the initial assessment period of 60 days, except for a verifiable emergency situation. Additionally, travel may not be granted to offenders who are not in compliance with the conditions of supervision.

In addition to the map provided below, you will find a link to a Request for Travel form to be completed and submitted to your Officer within the time frame specified above. Please make sure and attach a copy of any airline/hotel reservations for review.

County Map


Request for Travel Form (Rev. 9-09)