The Community Outreach Committee was established to coordinate the agency’s outreach initiatives. The committee provides structured collaborations with civic groups, educational institutions, local law enforcement agencies, and other organizations, which endeavor to make a positive impact in the neighboring communities that we serve.

“Connecting with the Community through Education, Prevention and Service,� is our mission. The committee is the clearing house for all outreach activities. The agency participates in job fairs, career days, serves on community boards, and participates in various civic activities. The Probation staff dedicate their time and efforts to ensure that the goals of our mission are accomplished. We are available to speak on a variety of topics relating to our work in investigating and supervising criminal offenders in the Federal Court System.

The presentation topics include the following:

If interested in scheduling a speaker or obtaining additional information, please contact the Community Outreach Coordinator at (305) 523-5400. Every effort will be made to honor your request.